We are here to help you overcome any hand, wrist or arm injury or condition, and any scarring on the body. This could be from an accident, sporting incident, surgery, or just a recurring pain that is starting to impact on your way of life. 

Range of services:
Common conditions treated:
  • Fabrication of custom made-splints

  • Waterproof casting

  • Joint mobilizations

  • Exercise prescription

  • Post-op wound care

  • Scar management

  • Swelling management

  • Desensitisation programs

  • Soft tissue massage

  • Activities of daily living modification

  • Muscle strength testing

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

  • Flexor and extensor tendon repairs

  • Wrist fractures

  • Finger fractures

  • Tennis elbow

  • Post op surgery .eg. Dupuytren’s release

  • Mallet finger

  • Wrist sprains

  • Skier’s thumb