Mallet Finger

Treatments for Mallet Finger

If you jarred your finger or it looks bent at the tip, you may have a mallet injury.

What is a mallet injury?

A mallet injury is an injury to the tendon on the back of your finger. The tendon is either torn or you have a break in the finger where the tendon is torn. Mallet injuries are one of the most common finger injuries. It often occurs during sport such as oz tag, netball or basketball. It can also occur at home or work if you’ve pulled your finger.

What are the signs and symptoms?

You will notice that your finger is sitting in a bent position and it’s not able to straighten. Other signs and symptoms include pain at your fingertip, swelling or redness.

How can a Hand Therapist help?

A Hand Therapist will be able to assess your finger to decide what treatment you need. Physiotherapy treatment includes:
- Fabricating a custom-made thermoplastic splint to protect your injury
- Exercises to improve finger movement after your injury has healed
- Guidance on return to sport, work and gym

Do I need to see a Doctor?

No, you don’t need a Doctor referral to see a Hand Therapist about this condition. Working closely with Hand Surgeons, your Hand Therapist will let you know if they think you need to see one for a surgical opinion. They can also refer you for an X-ray if they think there is a fracture.

If you have a finger injury or a mallet finger and would like to see our Hand Physiotherapists, get in touch with our physio clinics located across Sydney. We have locations conveniently at Concord, Lidcombe, Marrickville or Chester Hill.