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About jersey fingers

Jersey finger is a tear in one of the tendons at the tip of the finger, known as flexor digitorum profundus. A piece of bone that the tendon is attached to can also be pulled off. It commonly occurs in sports when the finger grips onto another opponent’s jersey. Common sports the injury occurs in includes oz tag, rugby and rock climbing.

  • Inability to bend the tip of the finger on it’s own
  • Pain and swelling at finger tip
  • Hearing a ‘pop’ sensation during time of injury
Jersey finger

Treatment for jersey finger

Surgery is required to fix the broken tendon and or fracture. A Hand Surgeon will determine the type of surgery you need. Hand Therapy is required after surgery for dressing change to keep the wound free of infection. A custom-made splint is also made to protect the surgery. Exercises are given to improve finger movement and strength, reduce scarring and swelling.