Hand Physiotherapy

When You Need Hand Physio Therapy

If you have had an injury to your hand, have a condition or have had surgery, you may need hand physiotherapy, or also known as hand therapy. Hand therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper limb- from the shoulder to finger-tip. This includes treating elbow, wrist, hand or thumb injuries.

What is a Hand Therapist?

Hand Therapists are qualified Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists who specialise in treating hand and upper limb injuries. At The Hand Physio Clinic, our Hand Therapists have also undertaken extra study to be come Accredited Hand Therapists as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association. They have also passed the specialty certification in hand therapy exam to become Certified Hand Therapists (USA), awarded by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission.

How can a Hand Therapist help you?

A Hand Therapist is able to assess and diagnose your hand condition. They are able to refer you for an x-ray if you have a fracture. Working closely with Hand Surgeons, they will refer you to a Surgeon if necessary.

Your treatment may include:

  • Fabricating custom-made thermoplastic splints and fingerstalls to protect your injury or reduce swelling

  • Tailored home exercise program to improve movement and strength

  • Scar management

  • Sensation training

  • Return to work or sports program

If you think you need to see a Hand Therapist, get in touch with our physio clinics located at Concord, Lidcombe, Marrickville or Chester Hill today.