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Finger Injuries in Sports

Finger injuries are one of the most common hand injuries in sport, particularly cricket, oz-tag, netball and AFL. Here we take a look at the most common finger injuries and their treatment.

Finger fractures

A finger fracture occurs when there is a break in one of the finger bones. It commonly occurs through impact with a ball or colliding with an opponent, pulling on a tag or fall on an outstretched hand. You will see swelling and redness of the injured finger. X-ray will confirm if it is broken.

Finger sprains

A finger is sprained when there is disruption to the ligaments that support the finger joint. The most common finger sprain is the middle joint, also known as the proximal phalangeal joint (PIPJ). If the ligament is stretched too far, it may cause a finger dislocation.

Finger Injuries in Sports
Finger Injuries in Sports

Mallet injuries

A mallet finger occurs when the fingertip is pushed into a bent position. The extensor tendon of the finger is disrupted as a result. It can also be associated with a fracture, where the tendon pulls off the bone.

Recovery from a finger injury

Finger injuries need to be managed immediately to prevent joint deformities and long-term pain. Treatment includes wearing a custom-made splint, swelling control and finger exercises. As each injury has a different healing time frame, splinting time will vary between each injury.

If you have a finger injury, make an appointment to see one of our Hand Therapists today.