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What is a Boxer’s fracture?

A Boxer’s fracture is a fracture of one of the knuckle bones in your hand, also known as the fifth metacarpal. It occurs when excess force is applied to the bone, causing it to break. Boxer’s fracture is one of the most commonly treated hand conditions, often caused by punching injuries.

What are the signs and symptoms?

You may have a Boxer’s fracture if you show these signs and symptoms:

  • Bruising and swelling of your little finger or back of your hand
  • Pain in your little finger or hand with movement
  • Rotation of your little finger when making a fist
Boxer’s Fracture
Boxer’s Fracture

Why do you need to see a Hand Therapist?

A Hand Therapist will be able to assess how severe your fracture is to determine what the best treatment plan is. Treatments can include:

  • Fabricating a custom-made thermoplastic splint for protection
  • Finger and hand exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Wound care and scar management after surgery

Do I need to see a Doctor?

One of our qualified Hand Therapists will be able to assess the severity of your fracture with your X-ray. If your Hand Therapist thinks you should see a Hand Surgeon, they will be able to refer you to one they work closely with.